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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, December 08, 2017

Henry Herskovitz’s Ordeal of Censorship

The following report was written by Henry Herskovitz, a retired engineer who has been picketing a synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a small circle of supporters for several years: 

Remember the days of poking fun at Pravda, the Russian government-owned press? We asked: how could anyone rely on the truthfulness of reports that were filtered by agenda-driven government agents? Aren’t we Americans lucky to live in a land where our news isn’t filtered, where we - unlike our Russian counterparts - enjoy a “free” press?

Remember the days of poking fun at Pravda, the Russian government-owned press? We asked: how could anyone rely on the truthfulness of reports that were filtered by agenda-driven government agents? Aren't we Americans lucky to live in a land where our news isn't filtered, where we - unlike our Russian counterparts - enjoy a "free" press?

We have witnessed how Jewish Power persuaded at least a half dozen billboard companies to refuse our attempts to run billboards with the simple message: America First Not Israel (latest example here). 

Careful readers will remember how an Ann Arbor Jew convinced publisher Patricia Garcia to refuse our ad request in the Ann Arbor Observer last year. 

Pressing on, WfP initiated contact with the local MLive Media Group, publisher of a resurrected Ann Arbor News, to run a display ad with the text:

America First Not Israel
Paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered
Saturday Protests 9:30-10:45 AM at 2000 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor
All Welcome (vigilannarbor@hotmail.com for more info)

After MLive received the desired text, and after we received the print ad specs and discount page, marketing executive Hannah Gellis then inquired: "Thanks, Henry. After looking at the discount sheet, how many ads are you interested in running? "

We responded "We are looking at placing six ads, two per month if the marketing program allows. Sunday editions Eighth-page ads (6 @ $240/ad = $1440). We would then be looking at two ads in December, two in January and two in February."

She then asked for "Name of advertiser's business/group funding these ads (I see on the billboard creative that it states 'paid for by Deir Yassin Remembered,' but please confirm) Advertiser's billing address"

We confirmed Deir Yassin Remembered and provided MLive Media Group with my local address for billing purposes. 

Five hours later, however, Hannah dropped the ax:


MLive has sole discretion to reject any ad, and after review, we will not be accepting this ad placement.

I'm sorry I could not assist you in your marketing needs. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes,
Hannah Gellis |MLive Media Group
Marketing Executive

We asked MLive how and by whom this decision was made? "Were there reasons given for the ad's rejection? Could Mlive suggest another wording that would pass muster?"

Hannah's terse response: "We won't be answering these questions. It's in MLive's discretion to reject ads, and we do from time to time. Thank you for your inquiry..."

Seems like this is Deja Vu all over again, and we report these events not because we're complaining, but to document evidence of Jewish Power and its corrosive impact on speech.

[End quote from Mr. Herskovitz]

In America freedom of speech is increasingly captive to the whims of the online monopolies of Silicon Valley (Paypal, Google, Facebook and so forth), and outfits such as the World Jewish Congress, which earlier this year persuaded Amazon to ban dozens of World War revisionist history book. One would think that this suppression of books would be newsworthy, and consequently of interest to the media as well as a topic eliciting outrage among “civil libertarians." Fat chance. American intellectual life is horrifically warped by fear of the you-know-whos.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

It doesn't get any more explosive than this

With an Afterword by Michael Hoffman 

“Fury as Russia launches investigation into whether the last tsar Nicholas II was killed with his family as part of a ‘Jewish ritual murder”

— The Daily Mail newspaper 

Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov, who is heading the Russian Orthodox Church commission investigating the execution of the Romanov family.  Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov, who is heading a Russian Orthodox Church commission investigating the execution of the Romanov family. 

Daily Telegraph, Britain: 

Authorities will investigate an anti-semitic theory that the 1918 killing of Tsar Nicholas II was a “ritual murder” following comments by a bishop close to Vladimir Putin. Bishop Tikhon Shevkunov, who is heading a Russian Orthodox Church commission investigating the execution of the Romanov family by firing squad in Yekaterinburg, said at a conference on Monday, November 27, that many members of the commission believe it was a ritual murder that held special significance for Bolshevik commander Yakov Yurovsky and his men. 

“Ritual murder” has in the past referred to a theory that the last emperor was the victim of a Jewish conspiracy, as Mr Yurovsky was of Jewish heritage. 

Russia’s investigative committee said it would look into the claim by Mr Shevkunov, who is reputed to be Mr Putin’s confessor. The announcement drew an outcry from Jewish groups. Rabbi Boruch Gorin, a spokesman for the federation of Jewish communities, told Interfax news agency that this ritual murder investigation was a “shocking” example of “medieval ignorance,” noting that the myth of Jews ritually killing people to extract their blood for matzo bread has figured in anti-semitic propaganda for many decades. 

The controversy comes as Mr Putin for the first time took part in the church’s annual bishops council on Nov. 29. Speaking at the conference, Patriarch Kirill said he had “hard questions” about the Tsarist murder investigation, which they re-opened in 2015, and called on the authorities not to rush it. Yekaterinburg news agency Ura.ru quoted a source close to the church leadership as saying the patriarch feared that the ritual murder allegations could “provoke uncontrollable outbursts of ultranationalism”. 

Patriarch Kirill also said the Russian Orthodox Church had not yet taken a position on the continued analysis of the Romanov family’s remains. Despite DNA testing showing their identity, the church has recognised neither the remains of Nicholas, Alexandra and three children interred in St Petersburg cathedral in 1998 nor the remains of his two other children found in 2007. 

Church officials have said they need to be extra sure of the remains’ provenance since Nicholas II, who was a cousin of King George V, his wife Alexandra, who was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and their children were canonised in 2000. Forensic medical expert Dr Viktor Zvyagin told the conference that the remains discovered in 2007 were those of a boy aged 12-14 and a young woman aged 18-19, which would match the ages of Nicholas’ heir Alexei and his daughter Maria. He said he believed that further remains of the two are located nearby. 

Peter Sarandinaki, the US-based descendant of a loyalist general who took Yekaterinburg days after the tsar was killed, said DNA testing he organized of the 2007 remains proved conclusively they were those of Alexei and Maria, but was skeptical more would be found. “The grave of the two children was shallow. It could be that animals might have carried them away but I do believe that most of the bones were destroyed by fire” set by the Bolsheviks, he told The Telegraph. 

From the Daily Mail (UK): “Yakov Yurovsky, the organizer of the execution who was Jewish...” The country’s final emperor was shot with his wife and five children in 1918. Some in Russian Orthodox Church insist he was murdered in a Jewish ritual. Theory was dismissed in 1990s but new investigation will explore it again. Jews have been accused of ritual murder by anti-Semites since Middle Ages. 

Michael Hoffman Reports: 

According to the media, all medieval Catholic eyewitnesses to Judaic ritual murder were liars. Is this not ritual murder denial? Here’s the brainwash we’re expected to accept: we must not believe any Catholic witness to Judaic ritual murder. But we must believe every Judaic witness to gas chamber homicide in Auschwitz. 
Otherwise we are engaged in the sin and crime of “Holocaust” denial

Do you buy it? 

I don’t. 

Human beings ought to be able to freely and fairly investigate and research the murder of Christians by the followers of the Babylonian Talmud. The thought police in the press should stop stigmatizing research and investigation as “hate” or “bigotry." I’ve got a bulletin for the media: truth is not “anti-Semitic.” The media are dismissing the possibility that the murder of the Tsar and his family was a ritual killing, by terming any investigation of Judaic ritual murder as part of “the blood libel myth.” 

Some of the accusations of Judaic ritual murder in the past were indeed mythical and malicious, but not all. For instance, before he was compelled to recant, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff (the son of the chief rabbi of Rome), wrote a history book in Italian upholding the veracity of such murders in certain cases. Toaff’s book was translated into English by selfless revisionist scholars. Their faithful translation is based on Toaff’s uncensored first edition. Prof. Toaff’s suppressed book, Blood Passover, is now online, free of charge (it’s a big pdf. file and loads slowly): https://bloodpassover.com/xbp.pdf Blood Passover is of world-historic importance. It is a gift to humanity and the struggle for human rights in defense against religious-based rackets and mind control. 

The commissars of information have also neglected to report that the building where the Tsar and his family were slaughtered — by shechita or otherwise — was left standing for decades, until the USSR fell. It was under Boris Yeltsin, the U.S.-approved strongman, that the site was razed, in the hope that with no Christian pilgrimage site standing, the memory of the people would fade. But this has not proved to be the case. 

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Monday, November 27, 2017

The silent partner in America’s molestation culture

The silent partner in America’s sexual molestation culture

By Michael Hoffman 
This autumn I am studying the Talmud Bavli (Bavli =Babylonian), tractate Sanhedrin, from 49b to 113A.

My objective is to bring accurate knowledge of Orthodox Judaism’s holiest book to the attention of the public and to do so in accordance with exegetical principles free of hatred and bias.

Answering two standard objections

1. To the claim that I am "quoting out of context” — I urge readers to access tractate Sanhedrin and study it in an uncensored edition, and judge for yourself. I am hiding nothing and I am taking nothing out of context. Today’s study is entirely consonant with the contents of the Talmud as a whole, and for that matter, with the rabbinic halacha (law) derived from it. 

2. With regard to the risible allegation that the contents of the Talmud Bavli have little or no force of law, and are simply a record of debates, cf. "The Babylonian Talmud: Just a series of debates?” (Scroll down on this page http://talmudical.blogspot.com until you come to the headline above, highlighted in red-colored type).


Halacha, not opinion 

The following is the law (halacha) of Orthodox Judaism 

From Sanhedrin 54b (texts in the original Aramaic in which the Talmud was written):


If a man sodomizes a minor under the age of nine, whether actively or passively, he is exempt.

For a Judaic males sodomy upon a boy "to have the legal status of full-fledged intercourse the minimum age is nine years. The Torah does not deem a younger boy to be like an older boy.

The preceding halacha is confirmed by the supreme legal authority in Ashkenazi Judaism, the “Rambam” — Rabbi Moses Maimonides, in Sefer Kedusha, Hilchot Issurei Bia 1:14.

The Talmudic exemption from punishment for sodomizing a boy under the age of nine cites the “Torah” as its source. 

This is a libel against the Torah (the Hebrew “Old” Testament). Nowhere does the Word of God in the Holy Bible state, imply or in any way insinuate that homosexual intercourse with a boy under the age of nine renders the sodomite-perpetrator legally “exempt" from the punishment due for the transgression of child molestation.

This Talmudic halacha, were it a law in Christianity, would be massively publicized repeatedly by the mainstream media. 

If this law was present in Islam it would be massively publicized repeatedly by right-wing Churchianity, which publishes and promotes numerous books, pamphlets and radio and television broadcasts purporting to “expose” and “tell the real truth” about Islam. Yet these Church-goers who are putative “followers of Christ” tend to flee in dread at any thought of issuing corresponding publications relating to the exposure of the contents of the Babylonian Talmud and the creed predicated upon it.

America's child-molestation epidemic has a silent partner, in which the churches and the media are complicit. 

We state these facts out of love for all people, and in particular  Judaic persons, for surely the first victims of the halacha at issue are Judaic boys who are under the authority of the Torah she beal peh (תורה שבעל פה‎)— the oral law of the Pharisaic “sages” — which is the source of the sacred texts of the Mishnah and Gemara which comprise the Talmud Bavli.

Copyright ©2017 by Michael Hoffman

For further research

By Michael Hoffman: Judaism Discovered: an encyclopedic reference text on Orthodox Judaism intended for specialists. Judaism’s Strange Gods: a condensation of the preceding book intended for the general reader.

By Alexander McCaul, Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinic Literature at King’s College, London: The Talmud Tested, with an introduction by Michael Hoffman.

By Prof. Johann Andreas Eisenmenger: The Traditions of the Jews, with an introduction by Michael Hoffman.

Michael Hoffman’s writing and research is made possible by donations from truth-seekers.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

More of the forgotten history of white slaves: a Thanksgiving remembrance

Another Chapter in the Forgotten History of the Enslavement of Whites

By Michael Hoffman

One chapter in the history of the white slaves of Britain who were shipped to America, is found in the annals of 17th century England. After the Duke of Monmouth’s unsuccessful 1685 rebellion against Catholic King James II, thousands of captured  rebels who were not tortured to death or hanged were sold as Protestant slaves to the New World for £10 to £15 each. They were slaves, not “indentured servants.”

The enslavement of whites in the western hemisphere (and later in Australia), is concealed by dishonest or lazy "historians" under euphemisms such as "convict" or "servant." Monmouth's men were neither. In most cases these captive Protestants endured chattel slavery unto death in the West Indies and colonial America.

The sale of these white slaves was instigated by the infamous tyrant, Lord Justice George Jeffreys, who presided over the "Bloody Assizes," trials during which he pardoned wealthy rebels (such as Edmund Prideaux), in return for astronomical bribes costing hundreds of thousands of pounds (in today's money). He offered others for sale as slaves.

"White skin privilege"? Historian Alfred F. Havighurst observes that in 1685 Jeffreys operation ..attracted little attention and few, if any, expressions of horror or pity" (69 Law Quarterly Rev. 522, 527 [1953]).

Slaves have been made of every race since the dawn of history. No race and few nations are innocent when it comes to the history of enslavement. Media propaganda singling out white people as the most vicious, or the principal perpetrators, is a type of mental genocide intended to instill self-loathing in whites. 

The fallacy that whites were not slaves in any noteworthy operation of enslavement is particularly perverse in light of the fact that the very word slave is derived from the name of the East European white person (Slav). The Slavs endured repeated enslavement in the Middle Ages.

As a politically correct, cartoon version of the First Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts gains currency in November, with the Native Americans as saints and the Pilgrims as devils, it is worth recalling that among history's most relentless and cruel enslavers were the Native Indians of America and Mexico, who, like the British aristocracy, had little mercy on their own kind. 

The enslavement of American Indians by American Indians was the engine of transformation of the Great Plains, before any white civilization was a significant force there. The Commanche, for example, eradicated whole Apache villages. Those Apache they did not kill in the course of their eradication, they enslaved. The major Commanche-operated slave market was  located in what is now New Mexico. Horses, buffalo hides and slaves were the main source of Commanche revenue. The kingdom that this Native American slave power built extended from Arkansas south to Mexico. 

We learn little of this history because it undercuts the Hate Whitey and Blame Whitey racism entrenched in America's schools and news media. The pity of it is that the foremost fomenters of anti-white racism are themselves whites who regard the expression of gratitude toward the Pilgrim founders of America as a species of despicable perversity.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 05, 2017

Secret FBI File on Martin Luther King released

Previously Secret FBI File on Martin Luther King released

By Michael Hoffman • www.RevisionistHistory.org

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that pious pillar of rectitude and shining light of probity contrasted with white Southern moral lepers, is a fixture of "Civil Rights” mythology and Hollywood cinema, and comprises a sacred tenet of the dogmatic secular religion of Multiculturalism-and-Diversity, which is believed with an absolute faith impervious to reason. It is shoved down every public school child’s throat annually in January, when Ronald Reagan’s national “King Holiday" is observed.

We knew something was terribly wrong with King when in 1977 a federal judge sealed the main trove of secret government files on him for 50 years — until the year 2027. They remain sealed to this day. Yet in the recent “document dump” of previously clandestine U.S. intelligence dossiers on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, files on King’s activities in 1964 and 1968 were released.

Among these is a 20 page FBI dossier in which the last two pages focus on King’s sexual activities, including relentless adultery, conceiving a child out of wedlock, and sex perversions, among them orgies both heterosexual and homosexual. 

Predicated on the gradual processing of humanity from human to bestial, the freeze-thaw formula for handling information the American people have the right to know immediately, is to freeze it at the time that the people remain morally upright, and then release it after a period of time in which their conditioning has been maximized and they themselves are too compromised to care. Adultery and children born out of wedlock — in an age when 30 million infants have been murdered in government-sanctioned abortion, and men who sodomize other men can have their act legally dignified as matrimony — is no longer a hot topic for most Americans — though King’s orgies with men and women in the midst of Civil Rights seminars and convocations probably still retains some shock value, even in 2017.

Other facts about King, that he was a Communist sympathizer (his Communist Party controller was Stanley Levison), and a fake PhD. (King cheated on his PhD. thesis), were known to “conservative” President Ronald Reagan prior to his signing the Martin Luther King National Holiday into law. The quondam Hollywood B-movie actor, whose White House schedule was set by San Francisco astrologer Joan Quigley, shrugged his broad shoulders when challenged by New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr. about the prudence of making King into a national icon. Reagan cynically replied that “image" prevails over "reality.”

But not any more, not in our time, when much of the underside of the reality about official heroes no longer appalls and is merely grist for the media thrill mill.

Martin Luther King was assassinated by his own handlers in 1968. He had become a liability as his sexual appetite increasingly entailed orchestrating group sex acts that were difficult to conceal. Meanwhile the nation was enduring escalating street violence on the part of his “nonviolent” followers. To the Cryptocracy that directed the Civil Rights revolution, King was worth more as a dead martyr than alive as a highly compromised hypocrite.

The question to ponder concerns whether the hour is now too late for anyone to seriously care enough to rescind his holiday and repudiate his movement — a movement which took away the immemorial right of employers to hire, and property owners to house, whom they choose. The calamitous loss of these rights is not a cause for celebration. Perhaps a new generation of home-schooled young people will in the future restore sanity to our laws. Until then, Martin Lucifer King remains a government and media-certified saint.

Copyright©2017 by RevisionistHistory.org

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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Lost Secret of Luther's Reformation

Prologue to a Revisionist History of the Lost Secret of the Reformation

By Michael Hoffman www.RevisionistHistory.org
Copyright ©2017

"Fake news" is a derivative of our having been conditioned to fake history.

In issue no. 93 of Revisionist History newsletter we will be studying "Jesse James, Abraham Lincoln and the Lost Secret of the Civil War." That secret pertains to why the war was fought by enthusiastic Northern troops in the Union Army, most of whom were abolitionists because they were white nationalists. It's one thing to make that statement and another to document it. We're going to try in issue 93, which should go on sale toward the end of next week. Subscribe now and start your subscription with no. 93.

In the same issue, we will continue tracking the trail of a serpent, situation ethics — surveilling the progress and impact of the Babylonian Talmud’s doctrine of situation ethics at its most raw and destructive form in terms of the infiltration of the  Church. To do this it is necessary to step on toes and shatter cherished iconic mythologies. 

What is the Lost Secret of Luther's Reformation?

What is the Lost Secret of the Reformation? Luther's revolt is most often explained in terms of an obtuse and occluding bumper sticker slogan, “The sale of indulgences." In truth and from his own fiery words, we learn that he was so obstinately loyal to medieval Catholicism, unlike the Renaissance papalists who had overthrown  it, that he would not yield to situation ethics as it manifested in the usury and Judaism which was gaining firm purchase inside the highest echelon of the Church of Rome.

Fake history suppresses the inconvenient truth that in order to enable the usury profits of the mortally sinful Fugger and Medici banks, Pope Leo X, who was himself a Medici, weakened the immemorial ban on usury, which sent Luther into a paroxysm of rage against the papacy for betraying 1500 years of immutable Biblical-Patristic and true Catholic dogma against the renting of money. Luther thundered clearly and unequivocally:

 "He who lends expecting to get back something more and something better than he has loaned is nothing but an open and condemned usurer.”

With his uncompromising stand he won the hearts of many Germans who were shocked and aggrieved by the pope's role in empowering the hated Fugger usury operation in Germany.

You are not likely to hear or see a word of these facts in the ocean of broadcasts and texts that are being issued in connection with the 500th anniversary of the promulgation Luther's 95 Theses.

You may hear it said that Luther was "anti-Semitic" (which he certainly was not —  he had no animus toward Judaic people; his Biblical theology was not an antecedent of Nazi ideology).

Luther did have a bone to pick with the Talmud and once again, in part because the papacy of his time had been behind it. 

"But the popes burned the Talmud!" some will reply. 

That riposte reminds this writer of criticism of my book on white slavery in early America, "But whites were only indentured servants!” That’s a half-truth which fails as history because it fails to make distinctions. Whites who were in bondage in the 17th century in British America were mostly slaves; whites who were in bondage in 19th century America were mostly indentured.

The Talmud was certainly not burned under Leo X or Clement VII, or the other early 16th century popes. On the contrary, it was advanced.

Only after Renaissance Rome had clandestinely sponsored the publication of the finest, most magnificent edition of the Talmud in world history, and fixed its canon thereby, preserving it as a basis for the survival and extension of rabbinic Judaism in the West — did Rome decades later, stage a few theatrical Talmud-burnings — in one case, documented in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, in a Machiavellian trade-off wherein hundreds of copies of the Kabbalah were saved from destruction by means of a diversionary burning of the Talmud. Welcome to Vatican chess.

Rome’s covert alliance with Talmudism derived from the plague of “Catholic” occultism which had been cultivated in mid-15th century Florence and subsequently infecting much of the Church hierarchy. This was no secret to Martin Luther. As with the papal permission for usury, once again he reacted with a smoldering fury which culminated in 1543 in his incendiary book, Von den Jüden und ihren Lügen, which contains not one bigoted racial disparagement of Judaics as Judaics — but page after page of highly informed, Bible-based and medieval-Catholic consonant, deprecatory analysis of the anti-Biblical iniquity and deception in the Talmud.

From this early Lutheran heritage of principled, non-race based hostility to anthropomorphic religion, arose in 1700 the historic and thus far unsurpassed, inaugural scientific deconstruction of rabbinic Judaism: Lutheran prodigy Johann Andreas Eisemenger's two volume, Entdecktes Judenthum ("Judaism Explored"), which was subsequently seized and destroyed by the pope's Holy Roman Emperor.

All this is a prologue to the real history of Martin Luther's Reformation, upon which we will expand in Revisionist History no. 93. Watch this space for details.

In the meantime, meditate on this mind-blower: with regard to defenestrating the Money Power and and its Talmudic progenitor, Martin Luther was far more Catholic than the Neoplatonic-Hermetic-Kabbalistic popes of his era.

Michael Hoffman is a leading scholar of the western secret societies and the history of ideology in early modern Europe and Britain.

For further research

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (723 pages, softcover, profusely illustrated).

Audio book: The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther; recorded on nine CDs. See page 10 of our facsimile catalog at this link. [Canadians add US$17 to the price listed. Overseas add US$23].

Saturday, October 21, 2017

George W. Bush attacks America First populists

Thirteen Clueless Lowlights from George W. Bush’s Trump-bashing Speech

Bush thinks "deplorable" populists are racists preaching the super dangerous idea that American policies should benefit Americans first.

By Rebecca Mansour October 21, 2017

Former President George W. Bush discovered this week that all he had to do to make the media finally like him was take a rhetorical swing at Donald Trump October 19.

And it didn’t hurt that he teamed up with Barack Obama to do it. The result was a media swoon. The New York Times crooned: “Without Saying ‘Trump,’ Bush and Obama Deliver Implicit Rebukes.”

The #Resistance found its new power couple!

But wait, there’s more! The Times also printed a fawning profile of Bush’s twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. You’ve come a long way, babies, from the tabloid accounts of drunken college revelries.
Now that their father has teamed up with Obama and the Clintons, the girls are enjoying the sort of media love that only Democrat daughters get. In fact, Barbara and Jenna are kind of like a double Chelsea—with Planned Parenthood fundraising and all.

It’s as if the Obamas, Clintons, and Bushes have formed a sort of Establishment extended family. Dubya even likes to call Bill his “brother with a different mother.”

So is it any wonder that George finally joined Barry, Bill, and Hill in bashing Don? Trump, for all his wealth, has never been one of the beautiful people.

The Establishment despises Trump, but they don’t fear him. They fear his Deplorables—the ordinary Americans from every race, religion, gender, and background who catapulted Trump to victory.

The Deplorables are busy polishing their armor for Steve Bannon’s 2018 “season of war” against the Establishment, which is why Bush rose up to denounce them in his speech on Thursday.

He thinks these Deplorable populists are racists preaching the super dangerous idea that American policies should benefit Americans first (See?! That’s proof they hate foreigners!). He believes this monstrous sentiment must be consigned to the ash heap of history … or, like, wherever they hid Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction so that no one could find them.

For a man who kept quiet throughout all of the Obama years, Dubya sure had a lot to say. Let’s examine the text of his speech to understand what was on his mind—or rather his speechwriter’s mind.

Interestingly, I found the transcript of his speech on the website of Town and Country magazine, between such important articles as “10 Times Royals Wore the Exact Same Dress.”

T and C is the perfect publication for this paean to the Gospel of Globalism, which enriches the few and impoverishes the rest. Bush’s words are tucked happily between the glossy pages displayed on the mahogany coffee tables of his fellow country-club heirs. (Dubya, the son of a U.S. president and the grandson of a U.S. senator, is right at home with this crowd.)

For your amusement, I pulled out thirteen key passages from his speech (or at least, thirteen passages that had me snickering at my computer screen). 

Dubya’s words are in bold, followed by my commentary.

1. “Thank you all. Thank you. Ok, Padilla gracias. So, I painted Ramon.” 

Bush was talking to former Army Sergeant First Class Ramon Padilla. Back in 2007, during the Bush presidency, Padilla, serving in Afghanistan, was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade; he lost his left arm and suffered traumatic brain injury. Bush painted his portrait, as part of his book of guilt-expiating oil portraits of the military veterans he sent to war.

The current edition includes 70 paintings. He has a very long way to go before he finishes painting all of the lives he’s damaged.

2. “It’s amazing to have Secretary Albright share the stage with Condi and Ambassador Haley”

Yes, it’s amazing that Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, would happily share the stage with not only an anti-Trump neoconservative such as Bush, but also with two other neocons, former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Bush 43 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

All three of them, of course, were staunch advocates of the Iraq war, and all the other U.S. interventions in the last two decades.  Haley should know that foreign quagmires are even worse than the D.C. swamp.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright, left, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, center, and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice at a forum sponsored by the George W. Bush Institute in New York, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017.

3. “Free trade helped make America into a global economic power.”

That statement would have been news to such America-builders as Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

As TR exclaimed in 1895, “Thank God I’m not a free trader. In this country pernicious indulgence in the doctrine of free trade seems inevitably to produce fatty degeneration of the moral fiber.”
It was non-free trade, also known as economic nationalism, that built America. We’ve been coasting for decades on its massive industrial legacy; but as we know, it’s grinding to a painful halt.

4. “For more than 70 years, the presidents of both parties believed that American security and prosperity were directly tied to the success of freedom in the world.  And they knew that the success depended, in large part, on U.S. leadership.  The mission came naturally, because it expressed the DNA of American idealism.”

Speaking of missions and idealism, the idealistic pro-freedom military mission of George W. Bush’s generation was Vietnam. And yet interestingly, with the help of his father, then a U.S. Congressman, as well as others in his well-connected social circle, young George managed to avoid active military duty.

Instead, he got himself into the Texas Air National Guard, dubbed a “champagne unit,” because it was so brimming with Bush-types.  In that Guard unit, by all accounts, Bush indulged in more than champagne.  Indeed, Bush had such a bumpy time that he was ultimately thrown out, although by then, the draft was over, and so it didn’t matter any more.

At any time, of course, Bush could have cleaned himself up and served, but he was in no mood to join the military. In 1973, he began attending Harvard Business School.

Congressman George H. W. Bush (R-TX) displays the officer’s bar of his son 2nd Lt. George W. Bush during a special swearing in ceremony for the Texas Air National Guard, circa 1968.

5. “We know, deep down, that repression is not the wave of the future."

Tell that to Vladimir Putin.  Back in 2001, President Bush had this to say about the Russian: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him very straightforward and trustworthy. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”

I bet he found the reports about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq “very straightforward and trustworthy” too.

6. “Freedom is not merely a political menu option, or a foreign policy fad; it should be the defining commitment of our country, and the hope of the world.”

I get nervous whenever Bush starts popping off about America’s “commitment” to the world. I flashback to 2005, when Bush delivered one of the craziest inaugural addresses in U.S. history.

In it, he declared, “It is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.” [emphasis added].

How’s that grandiose mission working out for the world? And for America? Perhaps Bush could ask the wounded veterans whose portraits he painted.

As an aside, the White House speechwriter for that misguided inaugural screed was Michael Gerson, who is now an in-house globalist neoconservative (one of many) at the Washington Post, where he earns a few of the coins that fall off Jeff Bezos’ table by bashing Trump in every column.

7. “In recent decades, public confidence in our institutions has declined.”

Yes, Bush should know all about that. During his time in office, trust in the federal government fell by almost two-thirds, from 60 percent to 24 percent.

Let’s see… a vainglorious war sold under false pretenses, plus the mishandling of Katrina, plus the economic meltdown followed by the big Wall Street bailout… yeah, that’ll do the trick in making Americans distrust their government.

Yet today, seemingly unmindful of his own failed record, Bush wants to lecture us about restoring trust.

8. “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism—forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America.”

Legal immigration, properly limited, with enough time for new arrivals to assimilate, has, indeed, been a blessing.

But the legal immigrants must come here as full citizens, not as low-wage indentured servants, which is currently the case for those coming here on H-1B visas and H-2B visas. Nor do we need low-wage illegal immigration to further drive down the wages of American workers.

And speaking of illegal immigration, we must ask: How’d that work out for the Roman empire?

9. “How do we begin to encourage a new, 21st century American consensus on behalf of democratic freedom and free markets? That’s the question I posed to scholars at the Bush Institute. That is what Pete Wehner and Tom Melia, who are with us today, have answered with ‘The Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In The World,’ a Call to Action paper.”

Brace yourself, America. The Bush globalists and neocons are back.

They’re ready with their plans and papers, eager to call us to action.
And when we invade a new country, the people there will throw flowers at us and call us liberators—just like the neocons said the Iraqis would.

10. “In serving as a shining hope for refugees and a voice for dissidents, human rights defenders, and the oppressed.”
It might be worth pointing out that Bush has left much of the Middle East in ruins, even as groups of Islamic jihadis grow ever stronger.

Have you ever noticed that when Bush wants to take a conscience-salving trip somewhere, he goes to Africa—not the Middle East?

11. “We should not be blind to the economic and social dislocations caused by globalization.  People are hurting.  They are angry.  And, they are frustrated. We must hear and help them.”

In the White House, Bush didn’t do a thing to help the hurting.
His biggest domestic ideas were the partial privatization of Social Security and, of course, his attempt to further open the U.S.-Mexico border to depress the labor market for the working class Americans most hurt by globalization.

So why should we trust him now?

12. “The ‘Call to Action’ calls on major institutions of our democracy, public and private, to consciously and urgently attend to the problem of declining trust.”

There he goes again talking about “declining trust.” Funny, every time he says that I think of three little letters: WMD.

13. “It is time for American institutions to step up and provide cultural and moral leadership for this nation.”

Leadership from Bush? And your family, including ¡Jeb!?  And your friends the Clintons?  Seriously?  That’s your idea?
No, please don’t “step up.” Just step away. All of you. Permanently.

In fact, remember that hidey-hole they found Saddam Hussein in? Can someone please build one of those in Dallas or Kennebunkport and escort George to it? Give him some pretzels, non-alcoholic beer, and a satellite feed of the Rangers’ games. He’ll be happy, and so will the rest of us.

If he must stay above ground, he can at least spare us any more speeches. This one was enough.

It was a feast of smirking self-satisfaction like the kind Bush was famous for, combining low ability with an unwarranted sense of superiority.

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